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For over 60 years Hollywood Hills Heating and Air Conditioning has been a family owned and operated business.lai
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For over 60 years Stanton Heating and Air Conditioning has been there to take care of our customers across western Orange County, California
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For over three generations, Stanton Heating and Air Conditioning has stayed true to its founding principle: making sure that every customer is completely satisfied. Google+
Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services
If you have an existing cooling unit, Stanton Heating and Air Conditioning can provide repair and maintenance services that you can count on. It is essential to keep your existing duct-less AC system clean and well-maintained in order to facilitate its maximum efficiency. If your unit has dirty air filters, a dirty condenser (on an outdoor unit), or a dirty evaporator coil, then the appliance may be strained and its performance compromised.